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With reference to both the hand-rearing of orphaned pups, and the treatment and rehabilitation of adults; flying-fox care in Australia is in a constant state of flux and evolution as new and improved methods are continually coming to light. Researchers and scientists are discovering more about these ecologically invaluable animals with each passing day, and new and improved drugs and treatments are becoming available by pharmaceutical companies and veterinarians respectively. With this in mind, reference works can rapidly become outdated, and the aim of this publication is to be as up to date as is practically possible, with new versions planned at regular intervals (every second year). Version history, availability, and news of upcoming projects are listed below.


The flying-fox manual 2009 v 1.0 (Current version): released 1st August 2008.

This updated and expanded version includes 30 brand new sections such as: assessing viability, birth defects, gangrene, facial injuries, fur loss, ant bite, toxic shock, understanding wound healing, drug dosage charts, tethered test-flying of rehabilitated adults, and case histories - just to name a few - plus many additions and updates to already existing sections - not to mention a wealth of new photos.  Another key area of change (from feedback and requests received) is the volume and addition of many new large high resolution photos. Large photos are invaluable for reference and illustration, but in the previous version, images were limited to a certain width to accommodate lower resolution monitors. These new larger photos open in separate windows by clicking on any images accompanied with the text "to view a larger version of this image - just click on the image above".

The flying-fox manual 2007 v 1.1 published 10th August 2006.

Minor update: changed default font to Arial - forcing Internet Explorer to display page text as written, and intended to be viewed.

The flying-fox manual 2007 v 1.0 first published 1st August 2006.


The flying-fox manual 2009 v1.0 is currently AVAILABLE and IN STOCK. Contact, enquiry, ordering, and purchasing details for this publication are here


I have now started work on the third version of this manual, with a view to release some time in 2013. Apart from an already growing list of planned updates and additions, a whole new major section will be added in the form of “the other megabats” - the Tubenosed and Blossom bats. Navigation has now been completely changed from the current side navigation links to an improved top CSS drop-down, whereby all pages are now clickable from all pages.

This website first launched on 8th April 2007.


After many yeas, we now have available for download the brand new milk replacer chart for black and grey-headed flying-foxes. This chart was compiled after much analysis and data crunching of growth records, and now more accurately reflects the true parabolic growth curve of baby flying-foxes. This gives us a more realistic benchmark with regard to volumes fed and forearm and growth rates. I am indebted to Connie Kerr for tireless hours of number crunching, and to all those that supplied records.

We did not want to wait for version 3 of this manual, instead feeling this information should be available for the 2009/2010 orphan season.

To download the chart, right click the link, and choose "save target as". Choose a location to download to your computer, and print out from there. Download chart here


The following images are free to download for personal use (on the proviso they are only used for the purposes of public education, conservation, promotion and the welfare of flying-foxes). Choose the size you want, download, and either print from home or ttake to your print shop on USB stick. The lo-res web-ready versions can be directly uploaded to websites, blogs and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

To save image - Chrome:

click 'download', and when picture opens in new window, right click on picture and select 'save as'. Choose a location to save to.

To save image - Internet Explorer:

click 'download', and when picture opens in new window, right click on picture and select 'save as', or
right click on the download link and select 'save target as'. Choose a loc
ation to save.

A- Size Title Paper dimensions File size  
A1 Homeless and hungry 841 x 594 mm 12.8 MB
A2 Homeless and hungry 594 x 420 mm 7.6 MB
A3 Homeless and hungry 420 x 297 mm 4.3 MB
A4 Homeless and hungry 297 x 210 mm 2.6 MB
A5 Homeless and hungry 210 x 148 mm 1.3 MB
A6 Homeless and hungry 148 x 105 mm 767 KB
Web large Homeless and hungry 1280 x 900 pixels 466 KB
Web large Homeless and hungry 800 x 565 pixels 212 KB

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